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Why your practice may not be what you envisioned, and what you can do about it

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There is a difference in the levels of success between a “doctor” and an “entrepreneur with a medical specialty.” When you started your lab or practice, you did so with the anticipation of it growing like a wildfire. But if it’s not, the reason for that is most likely not what you think it is.

The problem is that you are a doctor. You were taught how to repair, clean, rebuild, diagnose, and treat conditions; that is where your expertise is. Practices that grow like wildfire do so not because they have the best and most knowledgeable doctors, but rather because they are run by a different class of doctors: entrepreneurs with a medical specialty. In Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant model, doctors fall under the “S” quadrant, which stands for Self-Employed or Specialist. Here, you are not just doing a skill like you would as an employee, you are both mastering the skill and then leveraging it. In order to leverage it, you need to act and lead as if you were building the biggest and best practice ever seen.

“In order for someone to be successful at the gym, they will have to work as if they are a bodybuilder, even if they know they never will be.”

The same is for practices. In order to grow your practice, you have to have the goal of it being the biggest and most reputable practice in the nation, even if your goal isn’t that big, in order to get it to where you want it to be. You can’t build any bigger than your vision.

This is where the challenge lies: learn to quit thinking like a doctor, and think like an entrepreneur. Either you have a growth mindset, or you don’t. You already have the skillset to do the procedures you need to do, now learn how to get your practice out there and make people feel a certain way.

“Doctors” operate on a logical plane; it’s all about what’s in your head and what can your hands do in procedures, but the ones who run successful practices, or the “entrepreneurs with a medical specialty” operate on an emotional plane. They make people want to come to their office because they feel a certain way, not because they know a certain thing.

“The appeal to humans will always be in their emotions.”

Entrepreneurs know how to make people feel certain emotions, and that’s how momentum happens. That’s how publicity grows organically. That’s where success lies.

How to outsource the entrepreneur So how do you leverage the skills you learned in dental school to scale your practice to where you envision it? It can certainly be tricky, that’s for sure.

Luckily, you don’t have to depend on yourself to be the primary entrepreneurial force behind that. You have a whole sling of arrows that can be outsourced; that’s the beauty of a partnership. You can focus your strengths on one end of the practice, and your partner can focus theirs on the other end, creating a powerhouse of a practice.

However you choose to outsource, it’s vital that you are not a client, but a partner.

Entrepreneurs work together; they do not hire one another. When you “hire” a company or individual to take care of your marketing, SEO, traffic automation, etc., you are to work together; they are not to work for you.

Emerald Beacon is not a company to “hire” to take care of your entrepreneurial shortcomings, they are your partner in creating the practice you’ve envisioned.

Yout set out on a journey to touch the most lives, to perfect the most smiles, and we, Emerald Beacon, will work with you to make that happen.

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