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5 Keys To Producing Good Content

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Good content can seem easy to come by, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to make. If you’re not sure how to make good content, you’re not alone. Some people can make it seem so effortless, but it might not seem that way to you. The real key to making successful content is knowing how to reach your audience. In this post, we will discuss how to do this in a more natural way.

Make It Relevant

All good content should be relevant. This means taking the time to create content for your audience, not just content you want to make. It can seem difficult at first, but it isn’t when you look past yourself and think about your visitors. To make good content, you can absolutely write about what interests you, but you should also seek out what is relevant to your audience.

In your niche, you might have an unpopular topic that really interests you. Does this mean that you can’t write about it or make content on it? No. It means that you should also consider your audience. What are people interested in within your niche? Explore what is trending and provide them with relevant content that will keep them engaged.

Focus On Effective Keywords

Some people feel like using keywords to guide content is a bit of a hack, but if you think about it, it isn’t. The reality is that keyword relevancy is dependent upon the very real interests of very real people. Your readers are all looking for similar things—knowing this helps you to serve them. When you see something that is trending or a popular keyword, giving your two cents can help you to reach your audience in real-time.

Create It With Viewers In Mind

The most effective way to make good content is to provide value for your viewers. In order to make content that resonates, you should be focusing on the topics that are relevant to your audience. This helps to establish your expertise online and can make a more prominent presence for you in that space.

The reality is that we all have interests and we adore people who help us to cultivate those interests. Good content should be built around the viewer. Consider what can help them to better understand a niche or expand their knowledge of an area. Use your expertise to create content that resonates with them.

Make It Relatable

Relatable content is content that reaches your audience. It means focusing on the general instead of the personal—to an extent. In order to make content relatable, you want to focus on the experience that people are having, or the experience that you are having that is commonly shared. This will help you to create content that is real and relatable.

Audiences love relatable content, which is why it is a common focus for most kinds of content creation. Your content doesn’t have to be overly generic to reach your audience. Instead, you can speak to experiences that they will understand or that apply to the niche. Relatable content can be as simple as acknowledging that someone wants to learn about a topic and writing content that is designed to help them to better understand it at their current level.

Find The Right Tone

Finding the right tone can play a significant role in determining how relatable your content is. Some tones are relatable because they are very honest and real and others are relatable because they have a general relatability that speaks to the human experience in a fun way. Most people can relate to feeling determined, happy, or inspired. These are common themes in content for this reason.

Choosing the tone will ultimately determine how people will leave feeling about your content. When you select the wrong tone, your content won’t quite hit right. For example, you wouldn’t want to write something funny about a tragedy if you are trying to show support. Decide how you want your audience to feel after reading your content and let that determine the tone.


Good content is one of the most powerful tools that a company can have. It enables you to provide someone with a reason to visit your site, and it can dramatically increase traffic to your website. Creating good content is not just a matter of making content people will like, but making it compelling enough to share. This can really bring a lot of new traffic and show your brand off in the best possible way.

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