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Attracting Visitors To Your Site

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

When you first create a website, you likely won’t have very many visitors. Your website will be small and no one will know about it yet, which is fine. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating when you continue to see low visitor numbers after the website has been live for some time. In this post, we will explore how to attract visitors to your website.

Create A Great Website

One of the best ways to attract visitors is to make sure that people have a positive experience. If you want people to see your website and continue to return to it, you want to provide them with a website that is enjoyable. Make sure that your website is high-quality with good formatting.

Make Site Navigation Easy

Navigating a website should always be easy and intuitive. The ease of use that your website offers can play a major role in keeping people on your website. When websites are difficult to navigate, visitors will leave and look at someone else’s website instead.

Make Sure You Have A Mobile Website

The majority of people check out websites on their phones, which means you need a high-quality mobile version of your site. Don’t make the mistake of only offering a very generic version of your website on mobile. Your mobile website should be as well-made and engaging as your desktop version.

Produce High-Quality Content

Content is a great way to attract new visitors to a website. By providing good content, you will give them a reason to visit and explore your website. Focus on creating relevant content that suits the interests of your target audience. Include images, an easy to read font, and subheadings that make your content easier to navigate.

Make Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are a fun and free tool for any website owner. Creating these accounts makes it easy for you to reach your audience and promote your own website. With social media accounts, you can announce new products or pieces of content in a fun and engaging way. Since your audience is on social media, it is the perfect place to reach them.

Have Eye-Catching Content Titles

Blogging is becoming more popular among content strategists because a blog can do a great job of attracting visitors. If you’re looking to catch their attention with a blog post, you need to have catchy article titles. Titling your content well can be the difference between someone clicking your link or scrolling right past it.

To be successful with this, your titles should either be engaging, informational, or both. Avoid overly generic clickbait titles—these will make your website seem less credible. Instead, focus on choosing a title that easily defines the content within. It should be relevant to your audience and speak clearly to what is inside the article. This will help people to know whether it suits their needs or not.

Produce Relevant Content

When you produce content, it is important to ensure that it is relevant. Writing an article on a trend that has already passed by won’t inspire people to check it out. If anything, it can make you seem like you’re behind the curve content-wise.

To make relevant content, you should be looking at what is trending. See what is popular in your niche and create content that speaks to current interests. Do you see a question people are always asking about your niche? Is something trending at the moment that you can speak to? People want relevant content, so do your research and give them something worth engaging with.

Know Your Audience

Your audience should be at the focus of every decision that you make about your website. The website that you make should be relevant and helpful to them. The content that you create should speak to their interests and curiosities. Knowing your audience can play a significant role in attracting new visitors to your site. Everyone loves finding a website that feels like it was made for them, so aim for that.


Attracting regular visitors to your website is easier said than done, but it is absolutely possible. As long as you keep a focus on your audience and what their needs are, you can build a winning strategy that will draw more people to you. Remember to always focus on the experience that your visitors have when they visit your site. Make it a good one so they will be inspired to return and share it with their friends!

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