Becoming a double-edge sword: the importance of having an optimized site and a marketing campaign.

Having a clean and optimized website is crucial to your office or practice, but without a strategic way to get them there, it doesn’t do you much good.

On the flip side, a strategic way to get people to your website does you no good unless you have a clean and optimized website that people like.

Getting more appointments booked through your website has two steps to it:

  1. Creating a website that is easy to understand and navigate, creates an accurate and efficient representation of your office, and allows patients to easily contact you or book an appointment.

  2. Developing and implementing a strategic plan to get more people on your website.

A common question is “I have a professionally built website that is clean and cutting-edge, so why aren’t I getting any patients booked through it?

The answer: good websites don’t attract people to them, they invite and encourage potential clients and patients to your services after they’ve been led to the site. It’s not enough to just have a cutting-edge website if nobody is being actively drawn to it. It’s as if you were an amazing swimmer, but never competed; nobody knows who you are or if you are worth their time.

Likewise, it does you no good to actively lead people to your site through an efficient marketing campaign if your site doesn’t make them want to book appointments.

For any office, practice, or business, utilizing both a cutting-edge site and an efficient marketing campaign is crucial to growth.